The Challenge

Words matter – and what matters most is finding the right words.

You’ve seen them.  In the paper; on billboards or on the net. They are arresting, grab your attention, and quickly and directly convey a message.

If only we could have words like that in our slogan, you mutter.


The Word Master

Robert Goodfellow is ready and able to help you find the right words.

In his development of slogans for clients, he is not satisfied until he has found just the right words; ones that will suit you to a tee.

Working alongside Robert on projects for more than two decades, I have come to admire how he strives to make his slogans memorable, imaginative and meaningful.

That is where Robert’s art and craftsmanship come into play.

Hours of hard work, including in-depth interviews and research, help assure Robert finds a client’s essence and capsulizes it in a few short words. What about you stands out? What words in a slogan will capture the hearts and minds of your target audience?

That is where Robert excels; ensuring your slogan fits your mission, your craft and your art. He can sum it all up in a memorable and influential phrase, using as few words as possible. But each one counts.

The Answer

Yes, words matter and finding the right words, the most succinct words, the words that matter; well that is a gift. Robert Goodfellow has that gift and makes it available to you through RG Marcom.

David Austin
Strategic Advisor, Media/Public Relations

Corporate Slogans and Supporting Taglines

Robert Goodfellow

Core Specialties 
Robert provides marketing communications solutions that are driven first and foremost by influential and memorable writing. He has consistently mastered communications challenges that span the marketing spectrum, including promotional writing; core messaging, theming, and brand identity; slogan and tagline development; enterprise, product, and service naming; and communications plans. Robert’s gift for originality of thought, and his clear, comprehensive, and engaging writing style are appreciated by all audiences.

The Social Sciences 
Robert is educated in the Social Sciences – majoring in English and Psychology at John Abbott College and McGill University in Montréal.

Diverse Clientele, Yet All With Communications in Common 
With over two decades of senior communications experience, Robert has assisted a diverse array of clients with marketing, business development, and communications challenges. His proven creative and strategic communications skills have delivered results-driven marketing and communications solutions to a wide range of clients in hearing healthcare, healthcare diagnostics, homebuilding, manufacturing, consumer products /retail, telecommunications, professional sports (NHL Hockey), educational institutions, foundations, security software and systems, engineering, power systems, and non-profit organizations.

Music, Literature, Consumer Products, Business-to-Business, and More
Robert’s extensive marketing background with the consumer products divisions of Dominion Textile, Labatt Ontario Breweries, and Mattel Canada underlies his expertise in strategic business communications, such as the development of communication plans, annual reports, corporate brochures, ads, direct mail, website content, catalogues, and more. Robert’s creativity has been demonstrated in other areas, too – writing and promotional assignments that have included coverage of the ’95 Juno Awards with David Foster and Céline Dion, and exclusive interviews with Duran Duran and Michelle Wright. He also has several book and music reviews in his publication portfolio.

Discovering and Memorably Projecting Identities
Robert’s value is enhanced through his intuitive and remarkably penetrating interviewing style that brings to the surface the essence of an organization regardless of size or nature, and its unique communications needs; and effectively presents relevant creative concepts that will reach, engage, and affect any audience. Robert’s exceptional creativity and innovative strategies for success are pivotal to his ability to generate communications solutions that are truly inspired.

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